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Humphrey Balanced Valve Family

Humphrey offers 6 types of balanced valves; 3-port and 4-port types in three sizes. These valves offer exceptional versatility. The Balanced Solenoid Valve Series is an universal balanced design valve, offering several benefits:

Humphrey Valves: Medical Industry Applications

The Humphrey Products Corporation has years of experience working with the medical equipment industry. Companies manufacturing medical devices rely on Humphrey’s expertise in pneumatic controls.

Mini Mizer Humphry Valve

The Humphrey Mini Mizer valve (B3E1 series) is a versatile product that can be used in a number of different applications. With its low power consumption (1/2 watt or less), together with its ability to be either normally open or normally closed, makes it a great option in your design.


I found this great video on Designworld’s website. It’s about the 153 Series Humphrey valve. The video is only a minute and 12 seconds long, but gives you some great facts.   For more information about Humphrey valve products, Florida companies can call the authorized Humphrey Products distributor: Diffley-Wright Corporation at (800) 282-4886

New ProControl Regulator Series

The Humphrey Valve product line now includes the new ProControl Regulators. Expanding the ProControl family to go a step beyond single valves, Humphrey now adds the ProControl pressure regulator series of products.

3D-CAD Makes Humphrey Valves Less Expensive

When Humphrey Products Corporation first started, back in 1901, creating a prototype valve involved paper drafting or clay models. Developing new products was slow and expensive as each revision meant recreating the model or drawing. Since the 1960’s, many manufacturers, including Humphrey, have used Computer Aided Design (CAD) methods to replace the old drafting and Read the full article…

Humphrey Balanced Solenoid Valves

Three years ago, Humphrey Products introduced the 153 Balanced Solenoid Valve, the first edition in their latest generation of direct-acting valve technology. Each 3-port solenoid valve is developed for maximum utility and meets a variety of functions with its multi-purpose classification. Its boasts significantly more flow (0.25 Cv), while fitting into tight spaces with its Read the full article…

Adapted Humphrey Valve Solves Truck Trailer Problem

Truck trailers have a mechanical device called a “slider,” which allows the operator to manually adjust the position of the axles and suspension to balance the trailer, or shorten its turning radius for tight maneuvering. To change the position, the driver must pull the actuation rod, which retracts the locking pins, move the truck, and Read the full article…

Humphrey Products Corporation; Maker of Humphrey Valves

It was 113 years ago when the Humphrey Products Corporation began solving commercial valve problems for American industries. Now, Humphrey is considered a world leader in producing pneumatic products. Using proven technologies to manufacture a wide variety of pneumatic valves and products, Humphrey solves problems for many unique applications. Serving the commercial and industrial markets, Read the full article…

Tips About Proportional Humphrey Valves

What are Proportional Valves? Essentially proportional valves are electronic flow controllers. Users can vary the input current to the solenoid, and the output flow of the valve will vary accordingly. The greater the input current, the greater the flow through the valve. Typical applications for proportional Humphrey valves are: dynamically dispensing controlled amounts of air Read the full article…