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| written by Patrick


Diffley-Wright Corp. is an ever-evolving concierge distributor of pneumatic, and electronic proximity sensors for machine design, and factory automation. Unlike our competitors, and unique to Diffley-Wright, our focus is built upon the representation of a few great manufacturers that offer state of the art solutions for every day applications, and beyond. Many of our principals have been in our product mix for years, and some from the inception of our company, founded in 1963.


The benefit for our customer is reliable service, and product knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry. At Diffley-Wright, your call will be answered by an owner, or CSR that has been with our company in excess of 25 years. You can depend on talking with someone that knows you, or your company, and will do everything possible to assist you. It is not uncommon for the individual that handles your order to ultimately process the order, pull it from inventory, pack it, and place it in the pick up area for shipping.

Another great benefit for our customer is our relationship with our manufacturing partners that we have fostered for many years. Since we only represent a few key suppliers, we have substantial sales numbers that make us important to them. To that end, we can leverage that relationship in your favor to expedite orders, hold pricing when possible, change shipping schedules, etc.

As a concierge distributor,  Diffley-Wright has been involved in many start up projects with our customers, assisting them with design, and assembly services. Often times, we represent the necessary manufacturers to supply all the required components to build the prototype. This advantage that we bring to the table greatly simplifies the procurement process, saves cost, and reduces the amount of resources and time the customer would normally have to provide.


Yes, the concierge distributor is very different from the “big box” impersonal approach to sales that is most common today. We value our customers, and the personal rapport that we have developed with them over many years.  Treating our customers like family, and business partner is important.  Realizing that our customers success is directly related to our success, assures that we will always strive to make our customers successful.


If you are dissatisfied with your current method of procuring industrial automation components, and are searching for a more personalized environment to fulfill your purchasing needs, you should consider a concierge distributor that is unlike any other.