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Vacuum Grippers

We’ve Got the Most Reliable Vacuum Grip Components on the Market

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Vacuum Components

Diffley-Wright is a vacuum handling and automation specialist. We supply vacuum gripping system components for gripping products in production lines and other automated processes.


We supply point of use, continuous duty compressors for light-duty applications. We also offer oil lubricated, silent compressors where silence is a must.

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We Supply Reliable Robot Arm Vacuum Pad Grippers

Having a hard time finding vacuum foam grippers? In need of a solenoid valve assembly for vacuum gripping machine?

If you are looking for a packaging line or cell, we’ve got all of the components that you can rely on.

Let us solve your packaging line problems before it’s too late!

vacuum grippers

Created for Collaborative Robots

On top of having a strong vacuum flow, our grippers have a uniquely compact design.

Created for collaborative robots, our gripper components are reliable and work with a variety of machines. With little to no training required, they are seamless to integrate too.

Invented for Industrial Industries

Invented for industrial industries and packaging line automation, we supply you with the highest quality components.

Not only that, but they are also low-maintenance. Soon enough, your robots will be up and running in no time!

vacuum grippers
vacuum grippers

Reliable and Fast Response Times

Our vacuum grippers have some of the most reliable and fast response times in the industry. Complete with easy and efficient automation, our vacuum grippers are stress-free to implement as well.

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“Great company, they have been around forever because of their tremendous service and expertise.  Worked with Kevin and Brent, they are both great!”

Boyd Cohen

“Great company and staff, providing perfect customer service for so many years now!”

Robina Twitchell

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