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We are the exclusive distributors in Florida for: HUMPHREY PRODUCTS General purpose air valves: solenoid, air pilot, manual/mechanical, vacuum valves, air cylinders, and quick exh.

PRODUCT LINES : Listed by manufacturer

DIFFLEY-WRIGHT CORPORATION is a stocking distributor for the following product lines:

ADVANCE AUTOMATION – NFPA interchangeable aluminum air cylinders.

AIRMITE – Arbor presses, lockout valves, volume chambers, cylinders and valves.

ALKON – Compression fittings, instant connection fittings and tubing.

ALLENAIR – Stainless steel cylinders, rugged brass cylinders, rotary index tables, control valves, and hydraulic cylinder check devices.

ARROW – Refrigerated and desiccant type dryers, sintered mufflers and filter-regulator-lubricator products.

BACHMAN Air operated sequence controllers, flip-flops, and one shot output components.

BAUMER ELECTRIC Proximity, photoelectric, & ultrasonic sensors, encoders.

CONTRINEX Miniature photoelectric and inductive sensors.

DWYER INSTRUMENTS Measuring and control instruments for low pressure air and gasses.

ENFIELD TECHNOLOGIES Offering a complete line of servo-pneumatic proportional valves from 10-32 thru 3/8″ ported, including the S2 servo pneumatic proportional control system that offers an all in one pneumatic system capable of positioning heavy loads at high speeds for lower cost than competing electric drives and hydraulic systems.

FABCO AIR – Home of The Original Pancake® Compact Air Cylinder

ACTUONIX MOTION DEVICES – Micro Electric Actuator

HUMPHREY PRODUCTS  – the Humphrey valve, general purpose air valves and disposable air cylinders.

JOULIN – Vaccum Gripper Technologies

KOGANEI LTD – State-of-the-art control valves and actuators.

MANIFOLD SYSTEMS – Standard and custom air distribution manifolds.

MASTER PNEUMATICS – Complete line of pneumatic filters, regulators, and lubricators, silencer-reclassifiers and point lubrication systems.

MEAD PNEUMATICS – General purpose valves, tie rod cylinders, air presses, no-tie-down safety starts and pneumatic accessories.

MEM-CO – Miniature, brass, barb fittings, compact and low profile.

MICRO MOTORS – Miniature, high performance air motors and drills.

MILLIBAR ROBOTICS – Innovative solutions to solve robotic and material handling challenges.

PINNACLE – Advanced ergonomic zero force safety starts, light curtains and safety mats.

PISCO – Unique line of instant fittings, rotary union fittings and sensors.

ROLLON LINEAR EVOLUTION is a leading manufacturer of linear bearings and actuators designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in machine design applications across all industries including plant assembly, packaging design, transportation, manufacturing, medical device development.

STC – Process control valves and assorted components.

VACCON INC – Venturi vacuum pumps, sensors, cups and accessories.

WERTHER INTERNATIONAL – Offering Industrial grade air compressors for oil free, or oil lubricated quiet applications for laboratory and OEM applications of all types.