Diffley-Wright Corporation
1891 Porter Lake Drive Suite 106 Sarasota
Florida 34240

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Global Supplier of Industrial Automation Solutions

Distributor of pneumatic automation components, and a wide range of product lines in related areas: valves, actuators, sensors, encoders, switches, vacuum pumps and compressors, and a full range of fittings and other components.

Exclusive Florida distributors for the Humphrey Valve & Products and Koganei LTD

If you are already familiar with Diffley-Wright, then you know that we are not a typical
pneumatic distributor.

Yes, we handle a full range of products to support pneumatic applications of all kinds. However, we do much more. Our list of product lines includes the Humphrey Valve, sensor technology, encoders, switches, valves, vacuum pumps, compressors, and a full range of fittings and other components necessary to put it all together.

We work with customers whose applications range from manufacturing automation and process control to the latest in medical technology. We have been part of the development of everything from dialysis machines to drag motorcycles, from systems that process orange juice to systems that deliver the right mix of oxygen to critical-care patients in hospitals.

Our success has been due to three things that make us different:

  • First, we handle a range of products that you can’t usually find with a single distributor.
  • Second, we are proud of the fact that our sales team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help our customers understand the options and choose the right technology for their application.
  • Third, we take the time to understand our customers’ needs.

All of this adds up to the one thing that makes us different: our commitment to service. We don’t just sell parts– we provide solutions.

Diffley-Wright is a stocking distributor for the following product lines: Advanced Automation, Airmite, Alkon, Allenair, Arrow, Bachman, Baumer Electric, Contrinex, Dwyer Instruments, EDP, Electrostatics, Gordon, Humphrey Products, Humphrey (H Series) Automation Components, IVO, Jun-Air, Koganei Ltd., Manifold Systems, Master Pneumatics, Mead Pneumatics, Memco, Micro Motors, Pinnacle, Pisco, Staiger, STC, and Vaccon. For more information, see our Products page.

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