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Sarasota, Florida 34240

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Diffley-Wright Corporation was founded in 1963, by Tom Diffley. When Mr. Diffley moved to Florida, after retiring from a distinguished career in the military with the rank of Lt. Colonel, he wanted to continue his productive and successful career by going into business here in the Sunshine State. Diffley-Wright Corporation was formed in association with his old friend Bob Wright, of Wright Engineering in Detroit. Our reputation for service began with the personal reputation of Tom Diffley, affectionately known to many as “the Chief.” Although Mr. Diffley passed away in 1993, customers sometimes still ask about “the Chief.”

Over the years, Diffley-Wright has expanded its list of product lines to meet our customers’ needs, and has gained experience in solving problems in a wide range of industries and applications.

Our history makes Diffley-Wright very different from the typical distributor of pneumatic automation components.

Although we are widely known as a distributor of pneumatic automation components, we handle a wide range of product lines in related areas: valves, actuators, sensors, encoders, switches, vacuum pumps and compressors, and a full range of fittings and other components necessary to “put it all together.”

Where an ordinary distributor simply passes orders from the customer to the manufacturer, we pride ourselves in our ability to work with our customers in developing their particular applications. We don’t just sell parts– we spend the time to learn about a customer’s specific needs so that we can offer solutions.

Although Tom Diffley is no longer with us, Diffley-Wright has remained a family business. The company is now run by the Chief’s children, Patrick Diffley, Kevin Diffley, and Judi Diffley Reynolds, with the help of a dedicated and experienced staff. Everyone at Diffley-Wright regards themselves as part of the Diffley-Wright “family,” and approaches the business with the same sense of personal responsibility and commitment to maintaining the company’s reputation for high-quality and efficient service.

Our sales manager, Brent Proffitt, has been with Diffley-Wright since 1989. Before joining the Diffley-Wright family, he had ten years of experience working for Humphrey Products, manufacturers of our premier line in pneumatic automation components. As a result of working closely with the engineers at Humphrey, he brought to Diffley-Wright an understanding of pneumatic automation technology that has been extremely valuable to our customers. Most importantly, however, he shares Diffley-Wright’s commitment to service. In Brent’s opinion, there is no point in knowing what you are talking about, if you aren’t there for the customers when they need you.

This is what really makes Diffley-Wright different from other “distributors.” When our customers call us, they never have to waste time talking to somebody who knows nothing more than how to look up part numbers in a catalogue. Anyone with whom a customer speaks will be an “owner” of the company, and will have a personal stake in delivering the best possible service.

We are proud of our knowledge and experience, and of the fact that we can offer consistent and personal service over the “long haul.” If you call next month, you will be able to talk to the same person that you talked to last month– and that person will not only know the product lines, but make it their business to be familiar with your needs.