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A Yacht Builder’s Guide to Pneumatic Doors: Everything to Know

| written by Diffley-Wright

Pneumatic Doors, yacht

Right now, there are 8,233 known yachts in the seas of the world. One thing all of them are guaranteed to have is automatic pneumatic doors.

There are a lot of benefits or pneumatic doors over hydraulic or electric on your yacht. Automatic sliding doors are getting very popular as doors for boats. Want to see your options for boat doors?

Keep reading to find out how to look at your doors from a yacht builder’s perspective.

Types of Automatic Doors

Almost every luxury yacht has an entrance and exit that doesn’t require the use of a hatch. You can simply stroll in and out of your bobbing beauty and into the sun as you please.

There are three types of automatic doors. Those are:

  • Sliding doors
  • Swinging doors
  • Folding doors

Automatic sliding doors can be straight or curved to suit your design aesthetic. There’s a myth that these doors don’t keep out the elements. We assure you, well-built sliding doors do as well as any other.

Automatic sliding doors, all called patio doors, have a hidden “break out” feature for emergency egress. It isn’t meant to be used in any other situation, though. This means the doors swing outward from the inside in case of an emergency.

Swinging doors usually have doors that allow two-way traffic. One door goes one way, the other door goes in the opposite direction. This isn’t always practical and doors should be labeled for direction.

Folding doors create a “V” shape as they open and are sometimes called accordion doors. There are a lot of moving parts, though.

The most reliable and practical on a yacht are sliding doors.

When seas are rough, sliding doors won’t slam shut or rattle like swinging or folding doors. There are less areas for spray to penetrate through seams and other great features.

Why Pneumatic Doors Are a Superior Choice

Pneumatic doors are air-powered doors. Since the advantages are many, the highlights are as follows.

In salty environments, corrosion of electrical systems can be a big problem, as well as rubber and steel-braided hosing.

Pneumatic systems use pistons of compressed air to open and close. Since you’re not using hydraulic fluid, there’s no risk of damage to other systems or mess if there’s a leak in the system. Small pneumatic leaks will slow operation, but won’t suddenly prevent them from working altogether.

Considered to be less efficient than other options, they’re also far lighter and more reliable. On a yacht, savings on weight and space matter.

Quick and easy maintenance means more pressing matters on your yacht can be attended to, rather than doors to your patio.

A Yacht-Builder’s Choice

The clear choice for a yacht builder is automatic pneumatic doors.

The technology is simple and well-understood. It’s also easy to maintain and looks great. Diffley-Wright has been operating since 1963 to serve a vital role in the distribution of quality products.

Although we are a distributor of pneumatic automation components, we also make sure to know the specific needs of our customers well. We don’t just sell products, we bring solutions.

Contact us now to get help with any questions you have for your automatic pneumatic door for your yacht.