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Humphrey Products Corporation; Maker of Humphrey Valves

December 23, 2014 | written by twg

It was 113 years ago when the Humphrey Products Corporation began solving commercial valve problems for American industries. Now, Humphrey is considered a world leader in producing pneumatic products.

Using proven technologies to manufacture a wide variety of pneumatic valves and products, Humphrey solves problems for many unique applications. Serving the commercial and industrial markets, Humphrey Products are used worldwide.

Humphrey Products has its headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It has over 600 experienced staff and a global network of distributors. Humphrey has also been allies for many years with Japan-based Koganei Corporation, one of the largest pneumatic companies in the world.

Humphrey works to solve not only your fluid control challenges, but to also improve the ease and efficiency of your manufacturing process. This comprehensive approach offers you tremendous outsourcing advantages, significantly reducing your product development time and cost.

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