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3D-CAD Makes Humphrey Valves Less Expensive

March 17, 2015 | written by twg

When Humphrey Products Corporation first started, back in 1901, creating a prototype valve involved paper drafting or clay models. Developing new products was slow and expensive as each revision meant recreating the model or drawing.

Since the 1960’s, many manufacturers, including Humphrey, have used Computer Aided Design (CAD) methods to replace the old drafting and modeling systems. Of course, this allows for more rapid and economical evolution of all products.

With 3 dimensional (3D) CAD, products can be developed by customers and manufacturers working together. Customers fluent in CAD can simply send their CAD files to a manufacturer like Humphrey and allow for even faster turnaround. The manufacturer can run a digital simulation of the prototype and quickly tell if it will work or not.

3D CAD can also be used by architects to outline plans for new buildings or in the automotive industry to simulate the movements of the inner-workings of a new car.

Unlike other forms of modeling, such as clay or paper drafting, 3D CAD can be completely edited and manipulated at no additional cost for new physical materials.

All of Humphrey’s valves and cylinders are available in 3D CAD. Once the product is configured, you can download the CAD model from a wide variety of formats to fit your company’s CAD software requirements.