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Pneumatic valves – brushing up on the basics

| written by twg

Valves can make or break an operation system and aren’t just found in factories and plants – but in our homes as well. Getting back to basics is always a healthy thing, so that’s the focus of today’s blog. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the basics of Pneumatic valves, their importance and what they’re used for.

OK, so what are they used for?

Valves specifically control a fluid’s flow rate, pressure and direction. In that vein, pneumatic control valves are different. These devices control the direction of pressurized air – which is important to a given systems’ ability to operate efficiently and correctly.

Additionally, pneumatic valves assist in releasing excess pressure form a given system, which keeps the system from malfunctioning. It also keeps users safe. Because of this – it’s called a safety valve. You’ll find pressure relieve valves in things like air storage devices.

Flow control valves are among the most commonly encountered pneumatic systems and they often manifest themselves in one of two forms.

The first configuration is a variable restriction – or a valve that has something that controls it’s operation, opens and closes it, etc. Needle valves fall under this classification. The second configuration is a valve that controls the flow of liquid – but only does so in one direction. The valve conversely restricts flow in the opposite direction. Long story, short – flow and directional valves are featured in a variety of pneumatic systems. How they’re deployed and what specific valve is required for a particular application entirely depends on the operational level of the application, itself.

It’s fairly simple to find standardized valves in the market that can work across several applications and specifications. Our advice is to always look for pneumatic valve manufacturers that fit all applications to their different spec requirements.