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3 new, exciting applications for pneumatic valves

| written by twg

Humphrey valves are used in thousands of products all over the world and used in even more manufacturing processes. Long story, short – they’re an essential component in a wide range of systems – and stick out because of their reliability, effectiveness and adaptability. Even today, Humphrey valves are leading in a lot of innovative ways, three of which we’ll discuss here today.

Flow control

Because they come in a wide range of sizes and flow rate ranges, proportional valves are being used in more applications than ever before. Smaller valves are used in both fixed and portable respirators and ventilators, while larger valves are being used in a variety of textile, semiconductor and pharmaceutical processes.

Improved efficiency

Solenoid valves are helping to reduce power consumption all over the globe. The new innovation here is the latching solenoid valves – which only consume power when they’re switching from one state to another. This is leading to great savings, not only in power consumption, but in the efficiency and productivity of the processes in which they’re used – such as irrigation and other continuous –power-free operations.

A check valve with versatility

Check valves are a staple of industrial processes, hydraulics and safety applications. Long story, short – they ensure the flow of a liquid or gas in one direction. Recently, pneumatic versions of the valve have hit the market that feature a third port that can be used to override the checking function and allow flow in both directions once pressure is added. That allows operators to override normal one-direction operations of a check valve – and opens up a whole swath of new, potential uses for them.

Humphrey Valves continue to lead the pack in terms of the range of innovative ways in which they can be used. Our team is proud of our knowledge and expertise and is easy to help you find a solution to your needs. Give us a call!