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Three emerging trends in manufacturing so far in 2017

| written by twg

The US manufacturing sector is always changing and as such, it’s up to us to keep up with the latest and greatest. Today, we’re going to discuss the three primary and emerging trends we’ve observed so far in 2017.

With a new administration in Washington and an increased focus on manufacturers, one shouldn’t expect that things will calm down any time soon. Doing more with less and being innovative is more important than ever. Here are the things we think you should be keeping an eye on this year and into the future as well.

Shop floors go digital

Wherever you go, nearly every piece of equipment or new manufacturing technology has some form of data capture and processing capabilities. Machines – instead of simply talking to us – talk to each other. Even printers on office desks can send alerts to our phones.

The Industrial Internet of Things isn’t necessarily new these days – and every upgrade leads to its becoming the norm. Not every manufacturer has made the changes they need to – and they’ll be faced with added challenges in going digital – and doing so quickly will make them better equipped to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Big data driving innovation and change

Data in its raw form is useless, but when fully cultivated, it can be an incredibly valuable tool. Key performance indicators are providing manufacturers with a clearer overview of their plant operations and the complexities within each intricate process their shops undertake. With this new, refined information in the hands of managers – expect businesses to do more with less than ever before.

Sustainability is becoming a must

With the price of oil due to only go up in the coming months and years, manufacturers everywhere are looking for alternative ways to power their business. Not only is it better for the environment, but in spite of the up front cost, it’s actually cutting into manufacturers’ overhead costs, making it more profitable. Expect to see businesses continue to move in this direction this year.

What are some trends that you’ve noticed? Share below and get the discussion started!