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3 new, exciting applications for pneumatic valves

Humphrey valves are used in thousands of products all over the world and used in even more manufacturing processes. Long story, short – they’re an essential component in a wide range of systems – and stick out because of their reliability, effectiveness and adaptability. Even today, Humphrey valves are leading in a lot of innovative Read the full article…

Everything you need to know about Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valves are used to create precise, pressurized airflow in order to ensure that the systems which they operate in operate at peak performance. Today’s post will gives you an introduction to the four main types of Pneumatic valves and their practical applications. Diffley/Wright carries all four styles, including Poppet Valves, Diaphragm/Poppet Valves, Spoppet Valves Read the full article…