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Humphrey Valves: What to Expect from Diffley-Wright Corporation

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Humphrey Valves

The Diffley-Wright dynasty was founded 53 years ago, by Tom Diffley, a man in the community that was called “The Chief.” After he moved to Florida and retired from a career in the military at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Tom had a passion for continuing his career. He opened the company in association with his good friend Bob Wright. Both worked to build a reputation of quality service for the company. In 1993 Tom Diffley passed away, and although he is not with us, his legacy of a commitment to our customers continues.

Humphrey Valves We Offer Our Customers

To give our customers the Humphrey Valves products they need, we have expanded a list of product lines. We continue to solve problems with applications and have set ourselves apart from the typical pneumatic automation distributor.

Search our website to learn more about the sensors, switches, actuators, encoders, vacuum pumps and compressors and other components we sell. We design applications and sell parts based on our customer’s specific needs.

Humphrey Valves: Tom Diffley’s Philosophy

Tom Diffley is no longer with us, but his presence of high quality remains. The company is run by his children named Patrick Diffley, Kevin Diffley, and Judi Diffley Reynolds. We call it the Diffley-Wright family giving the entire staff a personal responsibility to the commitment of maintaining the company’s reputation.

Brent Proffitt, our sales manager, has been working with us since 1989. Before he started, he had ten years of experience while working at Humphrey Products which is a manufacturer of our line of pneumatic automation components. Brent comes with a commitment to service and believes in fully understanding the product to be a company that customers around the world can rely on.


We believe in having the mentality of being an “owner” of the company whether it is speaking to a customer on the phone or shipping products after a sale. When customers call, we value they are time as being valuable.

We hold expert knowledge and experience with a consistent level of customer service with a long-term perspective. If you call us today or as time passes, you will speak to the same person that understands the product lines that will be familiar with your needs.

The Humphrey Valves products that you need are here and can easily be ordered by calling the Diffley-Wright company at 1-800-282-4886.