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Humphrey Valves: Safety and Technology

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Humphrey Valves Safety standards have changed throughout the decades to meet governmental laws and ensure the well-being of the environment. It is easy for us to be distracted, tired or careless while working with hazardous materials or machinery while on the job. Nonetheless, we must keep safety at a high standard and ensure that the machines are up-to-standard by using workplace processes to prevent accidents.

As Humphrey valves change the governing protection of machinery is increasing. One way to maintain a safe workplace environment is providing training to machine operators and employees that work every day with machinery. Managers need to be responsible for the safety of their team. Established safety guidelines will help to prevent human errors and from the executive team, downward it is important to communicate this to the entire organization.

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Humphrey Valves Risk Assessment

A machine operator needs to analyze risks that are involved with the design of a machine. An operator must take the time to assess if a risk reduction is required.

A potential risk needs to be removed during the assessment. If the risk is hard to eliminate, safety related factors need to be addressed. One platform to use is a risk graph that helps with deciding next steps when reviewing safety functions and risks.


The architectures of elements are the input element which includes Light Curtains and Gate Switches, logic element involves Safety Relays and output element include motors and valves.


  • Safety functions need to be defined by a Risk Assessment or Reduction Process.
  • Keep in mind that Machine Safety follows a systematic approach
  • A safety function traps energy with a safe return to the home position
  • Indirect monitoring or pressure sensing, can provide the highest level of direct current

The control system needs to be integrated into protective devices that should be integrated into the control system. Check to confirm if the control system is performing normal functions. There are special requirements for the resistance to failures.

The Humphrey Valves Company To Call

Humphrey Valves safety standards and devices allow for a work culture of preventing injuries. Because all humans can be careless, forgetful or distracted while on the job, it is important to implement and follow standards and procedures.

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