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A Yacht Builder’s Guide to Pneumatic Doors: Everything to Know

Right now, there are 8,233 known yachts in the seas of the world. One thing all of them are guaranteed to have is automatic pneumatic doors. There are a lot of benefits or pneumatic doors over hydraulic or electric on your yacht. Automatic sliding doors are getting very popular as doors for boats. Want to see your options for Read the full article…

Robots Are Making More Cents!

Our world is truly a different place since Covid-19 has come to visit. Families are communicating differently; travel has slowed down, and the workplace has had to make drastic changes in the way they do business. This has had a significant and negative impact on the manufacturing sector. While many businesses were able to develop Read the full article…

Three creative ways to incorporate advances in pneumatic valve technology

Pneumatic valves certainly aren’t what they used to be – and they’ve come a long way over the years. That being said, with all these new innovations come new challenges for how to integrate them into an organization. Today’s valves are smaller, faster and more advanced then ever before and opportunities can be easily overlooked Read the full article…

Identifying inefficiencies in your air compression system

Talk to any manufacturer in 2017 and most of them will always bring up being more efficient in their processes as being a vital ingredient of staying ahead of the proverbial curve. After all – doing more things better and faster is the goal of anyone who’s trying to super charge their bottom line. That Read the full article…

Robotics Versus Cobotics

In many companies, robots are employed to complement rather than replace workers. This concept, known as “cobotics,” teams operators and machines in order to make complex parts of the assembly process faster, easier, and safer.

Industrial Automation: Ergonomics

Even though we have seen a trend in the manufacturing industry towards robots and other automation, it’s likely that humans will still be needed for quite some time. For those involved in designing and building the machines for industry, there is an important aspect that needs attention – ergonomics. Ergonomics means designing machinery to minimize physical Read the full article…

Why Choose Diffley-Wright for Industrial Automation?

Diffley-Wright has a history of going the extra mile for its customers. Founded by Tom Diffley and Bob Wright back in 1963, the company evolved a reputation for fully understanding customer needs and resolving them.