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Why Choose Diffley-Wright for Industrial Automation?

| written by twg

Diffley-Wright has a history of going the extra mile for its customers. Founded by Tom Diffley and Bob Wright back in 1963, the company evolved a reputation for fully understanding customer needs and resolving them.

Although widely known as a distributor of pneumatic automation components, Diffley-Wright handles a wide range of product lines in related areas such as valves, actuators, sensors, encoders, switches, vacuum pumps and compressors. Additionally, they include a full range of fittings and other components necessary to “put it all together.”

Most distributors simply pass orders from the customer to the manufacturer, Diffley-Wright spends the time to learn about a customer’s specific needs so they can offer the right solutions.

The bottom line is: With Diffley-Wright, you have our 53 years of experience to help you solve your automation issues.