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New Humphrey Valve Saves Energy

July 31, 2014 | written by twg

Last February, Humphrey announced its new L310 Latching Valve. The L310 is based upon proven Humphrey technology of the balanced-poppet, direct-acting 310 solenoid valve design.

The L310 Latching Valve saves energy, compared with traditional solenoid valves, with its low power consumption. It also offers the benefit of low heat generation, which can be important in some applications.

Standard single solenoid valves use electrical power while holding the valve in the energized position. The L310 Latching Valve needs only a 50-millisecond pulse to shift from one position to another.

Power is then removed, and the latch holds the valve in position, offering significant energy savings for applications where the valve remains open for long periods of time.

Continuous power is not required to maintain the energized position, especially beneficial for battery powered applications, or when continuous power supply is limited.

Since the L310 Latching Valve does not require electrical power to maintain the actuated position, the coil heat rise is temporary and minimized. This makes L310 an ideal choice for applications where the effect of the temperature is a concern.

For more information about the new L310 Latching Valve, contact Diffley-Wright at (800) 282-4886. Diffley-Wright is an Authorized Distributor for Humphrey Valves.