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Humphrey Valves, The Future of Manufacturing

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Today’s Students are Our Future

The connection of Humphrey valves and manufacturing will depend on how motivated students are in their career and the quality of training they receive on the job in engineering. One issue in manufacturing is the low number of applicants that are skilled in our field.

There are about 500 students that are learning about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) at the high school and middle schools in Michigan. The demand for the manufacturing industry in the 21st century will depend on America’s need for new ideas to drive products into an innovative space. The graduation rates of high schools will depend on students that are prepared to attend college and go into the workforce ready to compete in today’s economy. In our industry, the ability to succeed in STEM is an important component of any professional’s career and overall life in college.

Humphrey Valves and Business

There are schools in the Kalamazoo area that are implementing STEM through a non-profit organization called Project Lead the Way (PLTW) with the use of Humphrey valves. The organization is working with middle schools and high schools to provide a curriculum in programs that are relevant. It provides students with problem-solving skills and a hands-on understanding with the help of textbooks and homework. One example includes students building air skimmers with their knowledge in physics and mathematics.

Project Lead the Way wants to implement this program to all schools in Kalamazoo. Per Jason Luke, the organizer of PLTW, he mentioned to the company Humphrey, “We’re hoping to reach most Kalamazoo middle schools and high schools by 2016.”

The Vice President of Humphrey named Dave Maurer also mentioned “I feel very strongly that once the community is exposed to PLTW, the energy will build to make it a prominent part of filling the STEM learning gap. If we’re going to be successful as a community, we need to identify STEM programs that can engage a much broader population of students, especially those who are likely to remain residents after their high school or college careers.”

Several manufacturers in the area worked with PLTW on a Computerized Manufacturing Program that took place at Vicksburg High School. A student in the program developed a solution to a problem that manufacturers in the city were experiencing.  It is one example of how leaders in the industry can work with the next generation to create new opportunities for fresh minds to help make a change.

Humphrey Valves Diffley-Wright Offers

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