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Humphrey Valves: Summer Tips for Your AC Equipment

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The summer season is alive and well and hot temperatures are climbing across the country. Consider yourself lucky because there are some parts of the world that have temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. If you are confused why your home or business cannot stay cool, your equipment might be working overtime to meet optimal performance and is in need of repairs. We listed some interesting facts about Humphrey Valves you need to know:

Heat is produced by all electronic devices. In normal weather, small doses of heat are expected but when the temperature is high, problems can happen. Furthermore, there are also internal factors that emit higher temperatures. Be wary of the overhauling of controlling units which includes your AD Drives, HMI and PLC that can cause equipment to age quickly with no chance of replacement. The end result of excessive heat can cause trip faults with electric components that will shut down the entire system. Additionally, heat from the sun generates more heat in foundry equipment, furnaces and industrial ovens that will make it feel warmer during winter conditions.

What is one of the best ways to lessen the chances of your operation and equipment cool? As a Humphrey Valves company, we have the skills to maintain the temperatures of a thermal management and listed handy information below:

  1. The Cooling Natural Convection

When hot air inside of an enclosure moves to the outside, it goes through an exhaust grille. The heat escapes outside through the vent. You can add vents at the top of an enclosure for the hot air to escape, and install louvers at the bottom of an enclosure for cool air.

  1. The Cooling of a Forced Convection Coding

This method forces cool air from the outdoors to the inside when it is hot. The fan in the filter moves the cold air in an enclosure forcing the heat out. Reduce the temperature in the area of your equipment that has no cool air. A fan will reduce the temperature.

  1. Humphrey Valves Air Conditioning Options

  • Inside of an AC unit is a refrigerant compressor that cools an area and can be programmed to sustain itself with power.
  • Closed-loop cooling will help to maintain its NEMA rating. Keep in mind that it provides the same coding capacity as a fan.
  • A compact cooler is smaller than an air conditioner and needs a supply of compressed air to function.
  • A thermostat cooler is small and uses 4 times more electrical power.

The Top Humphrey Valves Provider

This summer, stay cool and beat the heat by calling us at 1-800-282-4886 to place your order. We believe that the support from a Humphrey Valves company is the best solution to get high quality valves, sensors, encoders, vacuum pumps, compressors and much more.