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Humphrey Valves: What We Give Our Customers

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Humphrey Valves

What You Need to Know About Our Humphrey Valves

We have a history of going the extra mile for our customers because our passion for Humphrey Valves is real. Founded by Tom Diffley and Bob Wright during the year of 1963, the company evolved a reputation having the gift of fully understanding the needs of its customers and resolving issues to put a smile on their face.

Although we are widely known as a distributor of Humphrey valves, Diffley-Wright Corporation handles a wide range of product lines in related areas that includes valves, actuators, sensors, encoders, switches, vacuum pumps and compressors. In addition, we also have a full range of fittings and other components necessary to “put it all together” for any project you need to complete.

Most distributors simply pass orders from the customer to the manufacturer, but Diffley-Wright takes the time to learn more about a customer’s specific needs to discuss the right solution that will be beneficial. The bottom line is: With Diffley-Wright, you have our 53 years of experience to help you solve your Humphrey Valves issues.

Humphrey Valves Prouct Lines We Offer

Pneumatic Control Valves

  • Humphrey Products
  • Koganei LTD
  • Mead Fluid Dynamic
  • Pisco
  • Bachman
  • Airmite

Pneumatic Actuators

  • Advance Automation
  • Allenair
  • Humphrey Products
  • Koganei LTD
  • Mead Fluid Dynamic

Air Compressors

  • Werther International

Automation Components

  • Enfield Technologies
  • Rollon Linear Evolution

 Electronic Sensors

  • Baumer Electric
  • Contrinex
  • Gordon
  • Pisco (pressure or vacuum)
  • Vaccon
  • Pinnacle Systems

Vacuum Products

  • Vaccon Inc.
  • Pisco
  • Koganei LTD


  • Master Pneumatics
  • Arrow

Liquid Control Valves

  • Staiger

Air Motors

  • Micro Motors

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