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All about Gate Valves

April 24, 2014 | written by twg

Gate Valves – put succinctly – are on/off devices that are used to control the flow of gasses, liquids and steam. They’re not exactly a break-though technology (in fact, they’ve been around for 100+ years), but they are one of the most reliable, dependable valves you can invest in.

They come in a variety of makes and materials – ranging from cast carbon, stainless and alloy steels to gunmetal, ductile iron and cast iron. They’re commonly found in industries where you have heavy flow of potentially hazardous or toxic materials like oil & gas, automotive and pharmaceutical production. You can also find them on a variety of regular household items as well like heaters, ships or faucets.

All things considered, gate valves operate under an enormous degree of stress. Between high pressure and scorching temperatures, it’s not uncommon for complications to occur and repairing them can, in fact, be a challenge.

Just some of the issues you can encounter with gate valves include:

  • Issues with fluid volume
  • Lime buildup and open/close issues
  • High fluid velocity that can cause erosion
  • Broken handles

Depending on the usage, broken gate valves can present a tremendous challenge and even potential health hazards. They can cause water damage that leads to mildew and mold, chemical leaks and even steam burns. However, the good news is that while these valves can be complex to fix, they can be replaced affordably. Even better – depending on the application, you can find them in a variety of common places.

Even in the event you need to build one to custom specifications, they’re so well known in US manufacturing circles that you can purchase a custom gate valve for cheaper than other models. The rule of thumb is relatively simple – and that’s to keep an eye on the valve and maintain it regularly and with a little more care than you would other valves of its type. They’re strong, very dependable and rugged – meaning they can last a long time – but when there are problems, they can balloon quickly, meaning it’s important to always keep a watchful eye.

When replacing faulty gate valves, you may want to contact us to see if there is a better solution for your application. Call Diffley-Wright for more information; 1-800-282-4886