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Humphrey Valves: What to Expect from Diffley-Wright Corporation

The Best Place to Buy Humphrey Valves Our monthly blogs will give you an insiders perspective on who we are as a company and what matters to us the most when it comes to Humphrey Valves and our customers. Place your order with us today and call 1-800-282-4886! WHO IS DIFFLEY-WRIGHT COMPANY The Diffley-Wright dynasty was founded Read the full article…

Humphrey Valves: Safety and Technology

Humphrey Valves Safety standards have changed throughout the decades to meet governmental laws and ensure the well-being of the environment. It is easy for us to be distracted, tired or careless while working with hazardous materials or machinery while on the job. Nonetheless, we must keep safety at a high standard and ensure that the Read the full article…

Humphrey Valves: Helpful Ways to Identify Air Contamination

  Humphrey Valves are becoming a popular tool to see the adoption of automated manual transmissions (AMTs) and safety technology that is supported by electronic controlled braking systems and the vehicle air system in a commercial environment. There is a list of AMTs that are available on the market that use a mechatronic shifter with the Read the full article…

Humphrey Valves: What We Give Our Customers

What You Need to Know About Our Humphrey Valves We have a history of going the extra mile for our customers because our passion for Humphrey Valves is real. Founded by Tom Diffley and Bob Wright during the year of 1963, the company evolved a reputation having the gift of fully understanding the needs of Read the full article…

Humphrey Valves: 6 Ways Your Hydraulic Components Wear Out

Diffley-Wright Humphrey Valves Once Humphrey Valves are installed, it begins to slowly wear out. These parts are used to perform simple tasks powered by liquid fluid. The basic components that create a hydraulic system are reservoir, valves, actuators, and pump. The initial rate is low, but gradually the rate increases. If the start-up is not perfect, Read the full article…

Humphrey Valves: Summer Tips for Your AC Equipment

The summer season is alive and well and hot temperatures are climbing across the country. Consider yourself lucky because there are some parts of the world that have temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. If you are confused why your home or business cannot stay cool, your equipment might be working overtime to Read the full article…

America needs to increase productivity and efficiency

The industrial automation control market in the Americas is expected to reach $25 billion by 2020 growing at a Calculated Annual Growth Rate of over 6%.

Robotics Versus Cobotics

In many companies, robots are employed to complement rather than replace workers. This concept, known as “cobotics,” teams operators and machines in order to make complex parts of the assembly process faster, easier, and safer.

Humphrey iDP – Inert Valves for Hazardous Conditions

Humphrey Products, maker of the famous Humphrey Valve, recently introduced the iDP Series of inert Diaphragm Poppet valves.

Industrial Automation: Ergonomics

Even though we have seen a trend in the manufacturing industry towards robots and other automation, it’s likely that humans will still be needed for quite some time. For those involved in designing and building the machines for industry, there is an important aspect that needs attention – ergonomics. Ergonomics means designing machinery to minimize physical Read the full article…